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Charcoal Water Filter

In the 17th century, the people of Japan have trusted Binchotan to purify the water. It may sound a little strange but it’s certainly the truth. Binchotan is a high quality activated charcoal that is made from Eucalyptus branches. It was specially combusted and slowly burnt in temperature up to 1000 degrees in 15 to 20 days to help completely eliminate impurities and achieve almost 100% carbon content.



Eliminates toxins

Removes the taste of chlorine

Increases good minerals

Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium

Balances pH

Reach the ideal pH level 8-8.5 

Reason For Choosing Us


Stable Product Quality

100% quality natural hardwood materials and carefully handle order


Amount Of Experience

15 years experience of burning and exporting binchotan charcoal


Original Manufacturer

Many kinds of white charcoal and large warehouse packing